Visitnig the historical places where associated with LED ZEPPELIN

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Street of London


I visited London 8/2-8/7,2001. I had such a wonderful days.

tourist attractions


Earl's Court

In 1975,Led Zeppelin performed three concerts at Earl's Court: May 23,24,25


Gerrard St.

The street where Led Zeppelin first became as a band and rehearsed.


Rock Circus

There is a wax figure of Robert Plant inside.


Headley Headley Grange

Led Zeppelin assembled here at Headley Grange during May1970."Stairway to Heaven"was written and recorded here.


Pangbourne station boathouse

In 1967,Jimmy bought so called 'Thameside boathouse'. During the summer of 1968, Robert was invited to Jimmy's boathouse.


Old Mill House

In 1980,Jimmy bought this house in Windsor. In September 1980,Jimmy invited the members of Led Zeppelin.
On September 24,1980, Bonzo passed away.


the site of THE Marquee Club

The New Yardbirds had their gig at the Marquee Club, first in October 1968 and again December 1968.


The Roundhouse

The New Yardbirds changed their name to Led Zeppelin and had their first gig at The Roundhouse on November 9,1968.


Royal Albert Hall

This is a palace of music. Led Zeppelin played the Royal Albert Hall for the first time in June29,1969.


the site of The Equinox

Jimmy used to own the occult bookstore. In 1979, closed its doors. In 2001, it became "The Tea Room".


Tower House

Jimmy Page bought this house in April 1974 from actor Richard Harris.


Sarm Studios West

In December,1970,Led Zeppelin recorded some songs that is part of "Led Zeppelin 4" here.


the site of an office "Swan Song"

Led Zeppelin formed a record company In 1974. They decide to call their record label"Swansong"


Kings Head Pub

Page & Plant have rehearsed on the second floor of this pub for MTV video making in 1994.


EPSOM , the childhood home of Jimmy Page

Epsom Station

Miles Road

Jimmy lived in this house.

Jimmy went to this church

Jimmy went to this primary school


…and not-so-ZEPPELIN-related locations.

Abbey Road

Mick Jagger's house



Sticky Fingers(Bill Wyman's Cafe)


Tower Record (CD & video & books)

Helter Skelter (music books & videos)

Camden Lock Market



We had a great time at the Pub ( I had a pint)


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